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250-Hr Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training


Space Yoga Studio
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Equip yourself with skills and yoga-based techniques that will allow you to safely lead group or private yoga! The 250-HR Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training of the Space Yoga Institute of Health and Wellness includes a wealth of information that will prepare its students with a solid foundation in the ethical and philosophical underpinnings of the yoga practice as well as knowledge of the physical and subtle bodies that will allow them to lead safe and effective practices. In addition to the fundamental information provided in the program, the Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training is focused specifically on equipping its instructors with knowledge that will allow them to work with special populations, including, but not limited to, prenatal women and seniors as well as populations dealing with:
- Depression and anxiety
- PTSD from a variety of types of trauma
- Recovery from addiction or abuse
- Chronic Pain
- Traumatic Brain Injury
- Cancer
The Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training of the Space Yoga Institute of Health and Wellness runs for a consecutive ten-month period, meeting for one full weekend each month on the following TENTATIVE dates listed below. Weekend schedules may vary and are subject to change, but the general format is presented in the Sample Weekend Schedule below.

Clocking in a total of 250 hours of training, this program will exceed the 200-HR standards of Yoga Alliance for yoga certification programs, with focus on the following areas:

1. Yoga Through the Ages
With the objective of introducing the students to the background and fundamental concepts of the yoga practice, this portion of the program will cover the history of yoga, a brief overview of Sanskrit and its function in the modern-day world, as well as a foundation for understanding how the practice has been transmitted through the ages and adapted over time. Using the lens of Ayurveda, we will explore the body and the models of understanding the self and how they are relatable to the modern world and our bodies in a yoga practice. Includes experiential mantra, movement, and breath practices.

2. Ethics and Philosophy of Yoga
Aimed at introducing the students to the ethical and philosophical underpinnings of the yoga practice, this portion of the program will explore the idea that yoga is far more than physical movement. and to elaborate on the idea that yoga is much more than asana. In this section, we will discuss the eight limbs of yoga as well as the business of yoga and how these concepts are translated and applied in our modern world. Includes long-term practice of self-study and deeper work with the self from a Yogic and Ayurvedic perspective.

3. Yoga in Our Bodies
In an effort to prepare students to lead a yoga practice safely and with optimal knowledge of the body, this portion of the program will break down the physical aspects of the yoga practice, including everything from the chakra model to physical and subtle anatomy. Taught by leading educators and physicians, this anatomy portion will equip the students with information that will allow them to offer safe and effective yoga-based techniques to their students. Includes movement workshops and breakdown of specific postures from an anatomical perspective.

4. The Anatomy of a Yoga Practice
With the objective of preparing students to lead a practie with adaptive and intelligent sequencing, this portion of the training focuses on breaking down the art of sequencing and modifying postures. Includes experiential practices with a variety of instructors, case studies of different populations, and basic information for adapting and modifying a practice for a variety of individuals.

5. Yoga for Special Populations
This portion of the training will delve deeper into the specific challenges of leading yoga practices for special populations, including (but not limited to) those with Cancer, PTSD from a variety of traumatic experiences, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Depression and Anxiety, Yoga for Recovery, Yoga for Moral Injury, and more, as well as brief introductions to modifications for prenatal women and seniors.

**In order to receive certification, students will be required to complete both live and recorded Teaching Practicums. Opportunites for Practice Teaching or observation of Clinical Yoga Therapy in action may be available through Space Yoga Studio. There is no guarantee of opportunities for teaching through Space Yoga Studio upon completion of this training program.

One concept that is extremely important to the development of a yoga practice off the mat is that of Seva, the Sanskrit word for Service. Because of this, the 250-HR Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training includes a required Seva component, which is composed of 10 yoga-related service hours to be completed throughout the duration of the program. Broken down into months, this totals approximately 1 service hour per month. These hours must be approved by the Lead Trainer in advance and can be completed through a variety of activities, including volunteer teaching, assisting a regularly taught practice, or service work with approved organizations.

Friday 6:30p – 9p
6:30p Grounding & Welcoming Practice
7p Review of previous and upcoming weekend and Sharing Circle
8p Initial lecture

Saturday 8a – 5p (1.5 hour break)
8a Morning Experiential Practice
11:30a Primary Lecture
2p Asana Breakdown
3:30p Practice Teaching and Lecture Review Lecture (Experiential)
4:30p Final notes and Check Out

Sunday 8a – 4:30p (1 hour break)
8a Morning Practice
10a Secondary Lecture
1p Lecture Wrap-up and Asana Breakdown
2:30p Weekend Review
3:30p Final Checkout and Processing

Pricing is available in either single payment or broken into auto-renewing monthly payments that will last the duration of the training (10 months). Full payments made before the program start date total $2750 and payments made via the financing plan total $2950. A non-refundable deposit of $295 is required to reserve your spot and will be deducted from the total tuition amount.
*All reading materials and other yoga-related items are NOT included in program cost and should be considered an additional expense.

**TENTATIVE PROGRAM DATES: October 7-9, 2016; November 4-6, 2016; December 2-4, 2016; January 6-8, 2017; February 3-5, 2017; March 3-5, 2017; March 31-April 2, 2017; May 5-7, 2017; June 2-4, 2017; June 30-July 2, 2017.